ABOUT ME!! YO!!! i am steve or boris ..or whatever you want to call me i guess. i am a splitroject and im 19~20 anddd i use she/him pronouns!!! i am half filipino and half white bodily and ummmmm my favorite song is scotty doesn't know...i can speak russian and english. overrall i dont think i'm that interesting but some people might argue otherwise ... um. i love puppies and kitties and bunnies and animals and i am the #1 gerbil enthusiast ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have bpd and dpd and npd and autism and so many more illnesses it hurts. Ummm i ❤️ sex and guitars and drums. If u play the guitar i think u are fucking AWESOME bc i could never do that thats so much finger work like fuckkkk....


i LOVVVE music and travelinbg...and POKEMON!! and my sources .. more specifically stranger things, the goldfinch, and the umbrella academy.. umm . i love guitars and i likeee metallica, jack off jill, dadaroma, korn, machine girl, TV girl, yung gravy....umm....deftones, icp..slayyyter..IC3PEAK.. and more..
i also LOVE chick flicks. like. oh mu god. mean girls hairspray legally blonde pitch perfect clueless crazy stupid love I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!...

i also love first person shooters i gues...theyre pretty cool. i like gun games...i also like doing makeup and nails and shit idk.

other shit

um. do NOT fucking interact if ur proship or anything thats fucked fr, if u ship stobin... umm if you think u like them more than me ..bc u dont LOL! thats all i think.

anyway i made this i guess to just write and vent ... so uh! fun! i will probably talk about several heavy topics here so trigger warning for like ... everything i guess?